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Rank Name Raised
154th Jason Tracey Jason Tracey 4years $3,901
155th Jason Carr Jason Carr 3years $3,893
156th Dean Thompson Dean Thompson 4years $3,885
157th Ty Gock Ty Gock 6years $3,835
158th Victor Grunewald Victor Grunewald $3,807
159th Vicki Ward Vicki Ward $3,802
160th Scott Fisher Scott Fisher $3,780
161st Rachel Harvey Rachel Harvey 5years $3,777
162nd Ron Langford Ron Langford 6years $3,769
163rd Anthony Calavrias Anthony Calavrias $3,764
164th Richard Field Richard Field 3years $3,760
165th victor yanes victor yanes $3,745
166th Ali Farid Ali Farid $3,739
167th Ben OBrien Ben OBrien 2years $3,733
168th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant 3years $3,726
169th Vince Marziale Vince Marziale $3,724
170th NICK DE MARCO NICK DE MARCO 3years $3,710
171st Kate Mooring Kate Mooring 4years $3,676
172nd Matthew Jeffs Matthew Jeffs $3,674
173rd Sage Brougham Sage Brougham $3,658