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Rank Name Raised
4150th Donny Jansen Donny Jansen $467
2508th Tim Forde Tim Forde 4years $781
2466th Alexandra O’Shea Alexandra O’Shea $797
2589th Tissen Sebastian Tissen Sebastian $760
7265th Greg Thomms Greg Thomms 6years $21
136th Bryce Parker Bryce Parker 2years $4,022
3782nd Skye Wallace Skye Wallace $521
278th Udara Dharmadasa Udara Dharmadasa $3,000
6178th Jan Doering Jan Doering $90
1668th Ron Carige Ron Carige 2years $1,069
1518th Sally Wallace Sally Wallace 7years $1,137
763rd Joanne Barlow Joanne Barlow 2years $1,768
3598th Ali Habib Ali Habib 5years $548
1101st Stephen Bestmann Stephen Bestmann 7years $1,400
499th Ben Lennard Ben Lennard $2,261
3686th Felicity Jackson Felicity Jackson 4years $535
818th Ken Draper Ken Draper $1,693
7185th Terry Daly Terry Daly $31
1409th Michael Tong Michael Tong 2years $1,200
213th Oliver Dwyer Oliver Dwyer 5years $3,335