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Rank Name Raised
253rd Tricia Charnock Tricia Charnock 3years $3,118
254th Steve Main Steve Main $3,112
255th Macarthur Bettington Macarthur Bettington $3,111
256th Aliasgar Inayathusein Aliasgar Inayathusein 2years $3,109
257th John Schoneveld John Schoneveld 7years $3,103
258th Ammar Haque Ammar Haque 2years $3,095
259th Sharon Buckley Sharon Buckley 2years $3,089
260th Luke Cunningham Luke Cunningham 4years $3,081
261st Jason Lam Jason Lam $3,080
262nd Russell Mcadam Russell Mcadam $3,079
263rd Tim Bean Tim Bean 7years $3,078
264th Craig Penney Craig Penney 3years $3,073
265th Paul Beerworth Paul Beerworth 7years $3,068
266th Zara Daniel Zara Daniel 5years $3,067
267th Carmen Allen Carmen Allen 2years $3,050
268th Rajiv Bedse Rajiv Bedse 2years $3,049
269th Merin Bineesh Merin Bineesh $3,048
270th Peter Shortman Peter Shortman 6years $3,037
271st Danielle Carey Danielle Carey 3years $3,023
272nd Jason Ng Jason Ng $3,021