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Rank Name Raised
N/A Aaron Tuthill Aaron Tuthill 3years $0
1309th Adam Burke Adam Burke $1,257
5065th Adam Field Adam Field $249
4130th Adam Gates Adam Gates 2years $471
31st Adam Stevens Adam Stevens $6,999
50th Adam Stewart Adam Stewart $5,847
N/A Adam Stewart Adam Stewart $0
359th Adrian Gifford Adrian Gifford 2years $2,635
3951st Adrian Singline Adrian Singline 2years $503
1558th Agata Pukiewicz Agata Pukiewicz 4years $1,115
2230th Aidan Hamilton Aidan Hamilton $855
400th Aidan Morris Aidan Morris $2,514
N/A Ajay Tambay Ajay Tambay $0
N/A Alan Stons Alan Stons 4years $0
N/A Alex Green Alex Green $0
513th Alexander O'Shaughnessy Alexander O'Shaughnessy $2,231
5798th Alexandra Burton Alexandra Burton $124
2464th Alexandra O’Shea Alexandra O’Shea $797
6581st Alexei Mizin Alexei Mizin $52
2569th Alicia Bloom Alicia Bloom 6years $765