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Rank Name Raised
71st Mathew Bohane Mathew Bohane $5,238
466th Russell Worboys Russell Worboys 2years $2,336
628th Julie Duncan Julie Duncan 5years $2,012
6855th Ryland Mollard Ryland Mollard 2years $36
1212th Dennis Shanahan Dennis Shanahan 5years $1,304
6012th Allison Thomas Allison Thomas $104
4126th Luke Busbridge Luke Busbridge 2years $472
2116th Paul Knellwolf Paul Knellwolf $899
1844th ERIN FREAME ERIN FREAME 7years $1,003
1633rd Darcy Elbourne Darcy Elbourne 3years $1,083
4186th David Cook David Cook 5years $459
559th Kim Glasscock Kim Glasscock 3years $2,143
279th Brad Collins Brad Collins $2,997
1123rd Darren Page Darren Page $1,383
3rd Justin Smith Justin Smith 4years $28,564
2097th Paco Luo Paco Luo $904
482nd Mark Wilson Mark Wilson 3years $2,304
N/A Yvonne Chia Yvonne Chia $0
1014th Tony Ryan Tony Ryan 7years $1,470
2371st Mary McKenna Mary McKenna 7years $819