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Rank Name Raised
2208th Danny James Danny James 3years $827
1628th Darcy Elbourne Darcy Elbourne 3years $1,033
7297th Darran Gardiner Darran Gardiner $20
588th Darren Bender Darren Bender 4years $1,985
1083rd Darren Page Darren Page $1,346
1667th Darren Steffen Darren Steffen 5years $1,017
3064th Darryl Nelson Darryl Nelson 2years $617
1526th Dave Jones Dave Jones $1,081
N/A David Abbott David Abbott 2years $0
1855th David Bakes David Bakes 2years $946
1005th David Boak David Boak $1,404
227th David Bradbury David Bradbury 6years $3,131
5514th David Butcher David Butcher 3years $153
4014th David Cook David Cook 5years $459
N/A David Daly David Daly 3years $0
1021st David Hill David Hill 5years $1,391
771st David Holmes David Holmes $1,657
1570th David Jukes David Jukes 4years $1,060
2859th David Mcmaster David Mcmaster 3years $660
5314th David Nguyen David Nguyen 2years $184