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Rank Name Raised
5959th Tim Anderson Tim Anderson 2years $124
551st Ian Crafter Ian Crafter 2years $2,500
N/A John Allaire John Allaire 2years $0
2065th Glen Scott Glen Scott 2years $1,017
2047th Rowan Panozzo Rowan Panozzo 4years $1,023
475th Paul Pattison Paul Pattison $2,604
476th Christopher van der Spek Christopher van der Spek 3years $2,604
4152nd Jeff McRae Jeff McRae 5years $517
7274th Marcus Moore Marcus Moore 3years $33
93rd David Eccles David Eccles 6years $5,191
N/A Allan Toose Allan Toose 2years $0
N/A Marco Hong Marco Hong 2years $0
N/A Benjamin Moriarty Benjamin Moriarty $0
N/A Lisa Scoon Lisa Scoon 7years $4,950
2131st Dennis OBrien Dennis OBrien 2years $1,005
3815th Charlie Pragnell Charlie Pragnell $563
4117th Stuart Moore Stuart Moore $521
N/A David Stakes David Stakes 4years $0
2752nd Adam Illman Adam Illman 4years $788
18th Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse 6years $10,105