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Rank Name Raised
N/A Lisa Scoon Lisa Scoon 7years $4,675
99th Dave Greselin Dave Greselin 2years $4,660
100th Nektor Zervos Nektor Zervos 2years $4,657
101st James Scorer James Scorer 5years $4,650
102nd Max Howe Max Howe $4,603
103rd Dave Milkins Dave Milkins 3years $4,552
104th Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza 7years $4,535
105th Steven Kierath Steven Kierath 5years $4,480
106th Andrew Kube Andrew Kube $4,477
107th Blaine Francis Blaine Francis $4,465
108th Lauren Castelijn Lauren Castelijn 4years $4,445
109th ROSCOE REID ROSCOE REID 2years $4,418
110th Joseph Hodge Joseph Hodge $4,405
111th Julie Bond Julie Bond 7years $4,402
112th Caroline Mercer Caroline Mercer 2years $4,390
113th Paul Eltakchi Paul Eltakchi 2years $4,348
114th Curtis Boardman Curtis Boardman $4,322
115th Chris O'Keeffe Chris O'Keeffe 3years $4,297
116th Brendan Simpson Brendan Simpson 2years $4,293
117th Trim Chakrapani Trim Chakrapani 4years $4,262