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Rank Name Raised
5th Ross Sparks Ross Sparks 7years $466
N/A Taylah Fraser Taylah Fraser $0
31st Tim Jarman Tim Jarman 4years $72
N/A Daniel Duignan Daniel Duignan 3years $0
N/A Karlene Heathcote Karlene Heathcote 5years $0
42nd Tanja Kubitza Tanja Kubitza 7years $36
N/A Jarrod Nobes Jarrod Nobes 3years $0
N/A Alessia Ulpiano Alessia Ulpiano 2years $0
7th Aquilina Ray Aquilina Ray $424
N/A Carter Bodnar Carter Bodnar $0
N/A Craig Aylen Craig Aylen 7years $0
N/A David Grosnick David Grosnick $0
17th Graeme Sanders Graeme Sanders 6years $124
N/A John Bishop John Bishop 3years $0
N/A Lesley Seymour Lesley Seymour 7years $0
N/A Macarthur Bettington Macarthur Bettington $0
N/A Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther 6years $0
N/A Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $0
N/A Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $0
N/A Melissa Schwenke Melissa Schwenke 5years $0