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Rank Name Raised
809th Rhys Paine Rhys Paine 6years $377
810th Elton Hibberd Elton Hibberd 2years $377
811th Adam Kennedy Adam Kennedy 2years $376
812th Ian Fox Ian Fox $375
813th Yasmine Kemmerling Yasmine Kemmerling 3years $373
814th Georgie Kranidis Georgie Kranidis $373
815th Cory Tuckey Cory Tuckey $373
815th David McMorran David McMorran 4years $373
817th Ken Watts Ken Watts 3years $372
818th Jane Bryer Jane Bryer $371
818th Jess Taylor Jess Taylor $371
820th Sheree Geci Sheree Geci 7years $371
821st Aaron Reschke Aaron Reschke $371
822nd Jason Sharland Jason Sharland 3years $369
823rd Harrison Post Harrison Post $369
824th Peter Dell Peter Dell $368
825th Wayne Caldwell Wayne Caldwell $367
826th Stephen Ellis Stephen Ellis 3years $367
827th Geoff Pursell Geoff Pursell 2years $367
828th Elias Touma Elias Touma $366