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Rank Name Raised
138th John Wood John Wood 4years $3,772
139th Anthony Calavrias Anthony Calavrias $3,764
140th Richard Field Richard Field 3years $3,760
141st George Jacovou George Jacovou $3,740
142nd Dean Thompson Dean Thompson 4years $3,725
143rd Ron Langford Ron Langford 6years $3,717
144th NICK DE MARCO NICK DE MARCO 3years $3,710
145th Charlie Hart Charlie Hart 3years $3,708
146th Ali Farid Ali Farid $3,703
147th Steve Treadwell Steve Treadwell $3,681
148th Ivanka McCamley Ivanka McCamley $3,678
149th Angus Rowe Angus Rowe 5years $3,662
150th Sage Brougham Sage Brougham $3,658
151st Brendan Simpson Brendan Simpson 2years $3,657
152nd Vince Marziale Vince Marziale $3,651
153rd John Choroszy John Choroszy 5years $3,640
154th Wendy Grant Wendy Grant 3years $3,638
155th Michael Dunn Michael Dunn 2years $3,629
156th Vicki Ward Vicki Ward $3,626
157th Rob Fisher Rob Fisher 6years $3,625