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Rank Name Raised
140th Alon Manker Alon Manker 2years $190
141st Ashley De Souza Ashley De Souza 2years $186
142nd Bruce Powell Bruce Powell 3years $181
143rd Wayne Britton Wayne Britton 2years $179
144th aleya vella aleya vella 2years $177
145th Derek Van Bracht Derek Van Bracht 2years $176
146th Jane Carlyle Jane Carlyle 4years $176
146th Rowan Demmer Rowan Demmer 4years $176
148th Nicolle Palmer Nicolle Palmer 2years $174
149th Leanne Ford Leanne Ford 2years $171
150th Callan Hegarty Callan Hegarty 3years $168
151st Daniel Marsh Daniel Marsh 2years $166
151st Jacquelyn Balestiero Jacquelyn Balestiero 2years $166
151st Steve Brickley Steve Brickley 2years $166
154th Brian Gates Brian Gates 2years $160
154th Greg Howes Greg Howes 2years $160
154th Peter Mclean Peter Mclean 2years $160
157th Donna Sullivan Donna Sullivan $160
158th Andrew Roughie Stephens Andrew Roughie Stephens 2years $156
159th Ann Palmer Ann Palmer 6years $155