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Rank Name Raised
81st Greg Jarvis Greg Jarvis $5,106
82nd Walster Jeff Walster Jeff $5,084
83rd Richard Field Richard Field $5,062
84th Scott Grech Scott Grech $5,039
85th Mitch McCabe Mitch McCabe $5,038
86th Simon Mann Simon Mann $5,027
87th John Kirkham John Kirkham $5,024
88th Jenn McGhee Jenn McGhee $5,008
89th Ben Cunningham Ben Cunningham $4,996
90th Andrew Kerr Andrew Kerr $4,962
91st Simon Cameron Simon Cameron $4,943
92nd John Cooper John Cooper $4,943
93rd Matthew O'Brien Matthew O'Brien $4,920
94th Tim Bean Tim Bean $4,881
95th Simon Surridge Simon Surridge $4,870
96th Tiff RUDDY Tiff RUDDY $4,847
97th Kris Bignell Kris Bignell $4,847
98th Tristan Vercoe Tristan Vercoe $4,813
99th Jamie Miller Jamie Miller $4,812
100th Phil Johnston Phil Johnston $4,805