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Rank Name Raised
271st Alex Miller Alex Miller $204.20
272nd alan zamp alan zamp $203.50
272nd catherine goodwin catherine goodwin $203.50
272nd Chris Law Chris Law $203.50
272nd Scott Seymour Scott Seymour $203.50
276th Sarah Curran Ragan Sarah Curran Ragan $202.65
277th Caleb Lingman Caleb Lingman $202.28
278th Adrian Pfeiffer Adrian Pfeiffer $201.83
279th Dave Rossiter Dave Rossiter $201.83
279th Halle Parker Halle Parker $201.83
281st Toni Balchin Toni Balchin $201.35
282nd Julie Bernhardt Julie Bernhardt $200.08
283rd Jessica Betros Jessica Betros $200
283rd Rory Fabbri Rory Fabbri $200
285th Shaun Terblanche Shaun Terblanche $198.50
286th Kate Richardson Kate Richardson $196.74
287th Alex Foster Alex Foster $196.65
287th Stephen Williams Stephen Williams $196.65
289th Todd Brennan Todd Brennan $195.95
290th Kathy Challinor Kathy Challinor $195.43