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Rank Name Raised
61st Sue Gray Sue Gray $549.54
62nd Daniel Cameron Daniel Cameron $543.96
63rd Geoff Hadley Geoff Hadley $543.38
64th Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence $531.11
65th Andrew Sime Andrew Sime $525.40
66th Claude Aguilera Claude Aguilera $524.08
67th Noel Baird Noel Baird $523.35
68th Jody Kember Jody Kember $520.05
69th Anthony Barnett Anthony Barnett $520
69th Dean Bartley Dean Bartley $520
69th Kristine Davis Kristine Davis $520
72nd Jack Crowther Jack Crowther $518.24
73rd Jo Connors-Crowther Jo Connors-Crowther $517.51
74th Roberto Spada Roberto Spada $514
75th Patrick Ross Patrick Ross $511.89
76th Claire O'Connor Claire O'Connor $509.88
77th Lawrence Atkinson Lawrence Atkinson $508.32
78th Joel Thomas Joel Thomas $505.97
79th Annalisa Smythe Annalisa Smythe $505.30
80th Ashley Knowles Ashley Knowles $504.88