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Rank Name Raised
N/A Adele Venter Du Plessis Adele Venter Du Plessis $0
784th Adhika Yudha Adhika Yudha $55.70
N/A Aditya Pujari Aditya Pujari $0
N/A Adler Yeo Adler Yeo $0
N/A Adnil Ramos Adnil Ramos $0
N/A Adrian Abson Adrian Abson $0
N/A Adrian Beckett Adrian Beckett $0
54th Adrian Burke Adrian Burke $570.63
N/A Adrian Doohan Adrian Doohan $0
N/A Adrian Hodgson Adrian Hodgson $0
N/A Adrian Kururangi Adrian Kururangi $0
N/A Adrian McMahon Adrian McMahon $0
285th Adrian Pfeiffer Adrian Pfeiffer $201.83
700th Adrian Singline Adrian Singline $70
N/A Adrian Workman Adrian Workman $0
N/A Adriana Ivtingioski Adriana Ivtingioski $0
N/A Adriano Machado Adriano Machado $0
N/A Adrien Cullinan Adrien Cullinan $0
N/A ahmad ahmad ahmad ahmad $0
795th Ahmad and Abidin Moeladawilah Ahmad and Abidin Moeladawilah $51.75