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Rank Name Raised
746th Ben Spence Ben Spence $51.75
746th Bernie Smead Bernie Smead $51.75
746th Caleb Willis Caleb Willis $51.75
746th Callan Herman Callan Herman $51.75
746th Cath Paterson Cath Paterson $51.75
746th Col Coenraad Col Coenraad $51.75
746th David Strong David Strong $51.75
746th Elijah Quinn Elijah Quinn $51.75
746th emily Dam emily Dam $51.75
N/A Gayle Smith Gayle Smith $51.75
746th Geraldine Merrick Geraldine Merrick $51.75
746th Glen Coddington Glen Coddington $51.75
746th Hayley Bradshaw Hayley Bradshaw $51.75
746th Jade Savory Jade Savory $51.75
746th Jason McClure Jason McClure $51.75
746th julie bowdery julie bowdery $51.75
746th Julie-Ann Christian Julie-Ann Christian $51.75
746th Justin Cook Justin Cook $51.75
746th Kayci Westwood Kayci Westwood $51.75
746th Kellie Beetson Kellie Beetson $51.75