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Rank Name Raised
N/A Toni Woodcock Toni Woodcock $0
N/A Joshua Keith Green Joshua Keith Green $0
N/A Courtney Ryland Courtney Ryland $0
N/A john schoneveld john schoneveld $0
N/A john schoneveld john schoneveld $0
746th David Strong David Strong $51.75
N/A Tullio Ena Tullio Ena $0
195th Craig Burr Craig Burr $250.21
898th Gerard Culhane Gerard Culhane $36.23
652nd Kim Giusa Kim Giusa $70.19
654th Mark Higgins Mark Higgins $70
N/A Tony Ryan Tony Ryan $0
N/A Guy Shelley Guy Shelley $0
516th Robert Hirst Robert Hirst $100
N/A Faisal Habibzada Faisal Habibzada $0
304th Aaron Tuthill Aaron Tuthill $165.61
N/A Ed Godwell Ed Godwell $0
N/A Aaron Anstis Aaron Anstis $0
246th Aaron Osborne Aaron Osborne $210.62
N/A Aaron Pickels Aaron Pickels $0