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Rank Name Raised
81st Colin Wilhelms Colin Wilhelms 7years $5
81st Greg Johnson Greg Johnson 7years $5
81st Max Reinhardt Max Reinhardt 6years $5
N/A Aaron Chan Aaron Chan 2years $0
N/A Abby G Abby G $0
N/A Acacia McIntyre Acacia McIntyre 2years $0
N/A Adam Carey Adam Carey $0
N/A Adam McAuliffe Adam McAuliffe 2years $0
N/A Adam Pieper Adam Pieper 3years $0
N/A Addison Foskey Addison Foskey $0
N/A Aditya chauhan Aditya chauhan $0
N/A Adrian Brown Adrian Brown 2years $0
N/A Adrian Cuerva Adrian Cuerva 2years $0
N/A Adrian Gifford Adrian Gifford 2years $0
N/A Adrian Martinez Adrian Martinez $0
N/A Adrian Workman Adrian Workman 3years $0
N/A Aimee Batchelor Aimee Batchelor $0
N/A AJ S├ęguin AJ Séguin $0
N/A Alan Marriott Alan Marriott 7years $0
N/A Albert Ang Albert Ang $0