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Rank Name Raised
1st Ian Lynass Ian Lynass 2years $10,850
2nd Ryan Foster Ryan Foster 2years $5,879
3rd Damian Ebzery Damian Ebzery 2years $5,072
4th Jake Johns Jake Johns $4,687
5th Danny Balloch Danny Balloch 2years $4,389
6th Anthony Krsticevic Anthony Krsticevic $4,254
7th Brenton Pullman Brenton Pullman $3,841
8th Selim Akdeniz Selim Akdeniz $3,705
9th Ben Gullo Ben Gullo $3,467
10th Brian Lynch Brian Lynch $3,340
11th Wayne Richardson Wayne Richardson 7years $3,284
12th Adam Stewart Adam Stewart $3,245
13th Garry Long Garry Long 3years $3,176
14th Gael Patricia McGee Gael Patricia McGee 7years $3,145
16th Craig Goldsmith Craig Goldsmith $2,967
17th Daryl Munro Daryl Munro 7years $135
17th Huw Jarman Huw Jarman 2years $2,927
18th Cihan BAHCESARAY Cihan BAHCESARAY $2,878
19th Steve Main Steve Main $2,847