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Rank Name Raised
6709th David Side David Side $52
N/A Mathew Smith Mathew Smith 2years $0
553rd Alexander O'Shaughnessy Alexander O'Shaughnessy $2,500
N/A Anne Turner Anne Turner $0
N/A Jon Mulally Jon Mulally 4years $0
2847th Johnny Liew Johnny Liew $760
2552nd Anthony Mahr Anthony Mahr 2years $838
3763rd Sam Ghassani Sam Ghassani 2years $574
187th Garry Long Garry Long 3years $3,863
N/A Jacob Preece Jacob Preece 2years $0
6382nd Amanda Boers Amanda Boers $84
4053rd Daniel Edwards Daniel Edwards $529
N/A David Dzienciol David Dzienciol 2years $0
N/A Ben Bong Ben Bong $0
N/A Rodrigo Sicilia Rodrigo Sicilia 2years $0
1938th David Jukes David Jukes 4years $1,060
541st Daniel Oldfield Daniel Oldfield 5years $2,505
2160th David Bakes David Bakes 2years $1,002
835th Sarah Vella Sarah Vella 4years $1,870
1043rd Jonny Neech Jonny Neech $1,606