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Rank Name Raised
912th Neil Jones Neil Jones $1,752
1779th Christian Warren Christian Warren 2years $26
254th Colin Cooper Colin Cooper 5years $3,376
2444th Robert van Oss Robert van Oss 2years $874
N/A Simon McCormack Simon McCormack 5years $0
256th Christopher Barry Christopher Barry $3,373
546th Rion Findlay Rion Findlay 4years $2,502
478th Christopher van der Spek Christopher van der Spek 3years $2,604
19th Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse 6years $10,105
5457th Ryan Bates Ryan Bates $208
6709th Jamea Tranter Jamea Tranter $52
6168th Rob Cain Rob Cain $104
1921st Matthew Bailes Matthew Bailes $1,067
7534th Jarrod Montgomery Jarrod Montgomery 2years $10
1485th Marcel Willimann Marcel Willimann $1,268
6112th Anthony Carter Anthony Carter 3years $109
3958th Declan Tierney Declan Tierney 3years $540
N/A Anthony Tsui Anthony Tsui 7years $0
N/A Nick Dalamagas Nick Dalamagas 2years $0
1748th Sally Wallace Sally Wallace 7years $1,137