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Rank Name Raised
5174th Tim Smith Tim Smith 2years $269
910th Neil Jones Neil Jones $1,752
1919th Matthew Bailes Matthew Bailes $1,067
2808th Anthony Osborn Anthony Osborn 3years $771
640th Václav Čech Václav Čech 2years $2,210
3956th Declan Tierney Declan Tierney 3years $540
N/A Laurent Gras Laurent Gras 2years $0
246th John Spezza John Spezza $3,454
6707th Johan Oosthuizen Johan Oosthuizen $52
3364th Skye Wallace Skye Wallace $641
5886th Ben Pattie Ben Pattie $137
1662nd Alan Grieef Alan Grieef 2years $1,176
2608th Julia Botfield Julia Botfield $822
5024th Alvin Tan Alvin Tan $307
717th David Farley David Farley 4years $2,066
N/A Rodrigo Sicilia Rodrigo Sicilia 2years $0
6625th Anandu Gopakumar Anandu Gopakumar $66
4923rd peter kirk peter kirk 2years $340
4903rd Giuseppe Strati Giuseppe Strati $348
N/A Anthony Tsui Anthony Tsui 7years $0