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Rank Name Raised
1016th Mick Rose Mick Rose $1,447
5101st Morgan Belbruno Morgan Belbruno $235
516th Murray Coleman Murray Coleman 3years $2,210
N/A neil quast neil quast 2years $0
N/A Paul Jenkyn Paul Jenkyn 2years $0
4110th Paul Wiseman Paul Wiseman $463
1096th Penny Layton Penny Layton 2years $742
N/A Peter Jeffery Peter Jeffery 3years $0
N/A Phil Gees Phil Gees 2years $0
5208th Randall Oakley Randall Oakley 7years $215
N/A Randy Rioflorido Randy Rioflorido 3years $0
3473rd Richard King Richard King $563
N/A Robert Berry Robert Berry $0
240th Rodney French Rodney French 5years $3,161
2669th Russell Speight Russell Speight 5years $729
N/A Ryan Knight Ryan Knight 2years $0
N/A Sam McCusker Sam McCusker 3years $0
N/A Samuel Krajnik Samuel Krajnik 4years $0
23rd Scott Borg Scott Borg $7,467
N/A Shelley Casey Shelley Casey 3years $0