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Rank Name Raised
194th William Doble William Doble $2,290.00
195th Yannick Dufour Yannick Dufour $2,273.17
196th Adrian Burke Adrian Burke $2,271.75
197th Tony Mickelson Tony Mickelson $2,261.47
198th Mike Meynell Mike Meynell $2,252.33
199th Anne Henderson Anne Henderson $2,245.69
200th Betty Seeney Betty Seeney $541.85
200th Kate Gray Kate Gray $2,242.93
201st Jacquie Snooks Jacquie Snooks $2,242.28
202nd Kyle Goff Kyle Goff $2,231.26
203rd Rob Chivers Rob Chivers $2,229.15
204th Mark Rubie Mark Rubie $2,227.67
205th Phil Norris Phil Norris $2,226.92
206th Dianne Hughes Dianne Hughes $2,226.60
207th Peter Shortman Peter Shortman $2,223.34
208th Josh Moore Josh Moore $2,222.20
209th Emir Rogonjic Emir Rogonjic $2,217.99
210th Natalie Roberts Natalie Roberts $2,213.59
211th Anita Keddell Anita Keddell $2,201.81
212th Kristina Rorhan Kristina Rorhan $2,200.37