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Rank Name Raised
695th Peter Quin Peter Quin $1,383
1081st Dom Yuen Dom Yuen $1,083
3583rd Tamar Hassan Tamar Hassan $228
3991st Marèé-a Somer Marèé-a Somer $143
2278th Scott Woolley Scott Woolley $574
4682nd Craig Forster Craig Forster $61
N/A Mary McKenna Mary McKenna $591
800th Rachael Nicholls Rachael Nicholls $1,282
N/A Andrew Scott Andrew Scott $0
N/A Paolo Russo Paolo Russo $0
43rd Dean Flaxman Dean Flaxman $5,177
3510th Adam Illman Adam Illman $246
156th Nathan Brown Nathan Brown $3,033
2699th Alberto De Almeida Alberto De Almeida $503
3760th David Jukes David Jukes $191
4912th Luis Santos Luis Santos $46
N/A Gage Salmond Gage Salmond $0
754th D'Wayne Saunders D'Wayne Saunders $1,328
1126th Duane Morrow Duane Morrow $1,056
4808th Tony Lammens Tony Lammens $50