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Rank Name Raised
2204th Rodney Welch Rodney Welch $596
1522nd Zack Koberg Zack Koberg $832
4279th Lester Woodall Lester Woodall $103
2427th Navneet Kaulgud Navneet Kaulgud $542
3173rd Julio Rincon Julio Rincon $323
N/A Jem Richards Jem Richards $0
282nd Sean Buckland Sean Buckland $2,278
4444th Rhys Ashpole Rhys Ashpole $87
N/A Anthony Benger Anthony Benger $0
1698th Jin Long Jin Long $760
452nd Marty Robinson Marty Robinson $1,744
N/A Crispian Radburnd Crispian Radburnd $0
389th Robert Hirst Robert Hirst $1,903
688th Emma Upton Emma Upton $1,395
2208th Bradley Allen Bradley Allen $595
4879th Sheldon Garcia Sheldon Garcia $50
3945th Brad Patterson Brad Patterson $154
N/A Daniel Merange Daniel Merange $0
11th Justyna Grosse Justyna Grosse $8,619
2942nd Glyn Overal Glyn Overal $411