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Rank Name Raised
79th Vicki Hooper Vicki Hooper $700
80th Willem Beck Willem Beck $699
81st Jayvin Maneklal Jayvin Maneklal $698
82nd Christy King Christy King $698
83rd Rachel Harvey Rachel Harvey $692
84th Simon Edwards Simon Edwards $692
85th Grahame Irwin Grahame Irwin $689
86th Anthony Beavis Anthony Beavis $683
87th Steve Trood Steve Trood $683
88th Jaymie Potter Jaymie Potter $681
89th Leanne Day Leanne Day $673
90th Darcy Hall Darcy Hall $668
N/A Tyler Arsenault Tyler Arsenault $0
91st Zane Lyons Zane Lyons $662
92nd Aaron Hoch Aaron Hoch $662
93rd Damien Fearnley Damien Fearnley $661
94th Helen Westmoreland Helen Westmoreland $657
95th Scott Sweedman Scott Sweedman $638
96th Darcy O'Donnell Darcy O'Donnell $633
N/A Styrling sickler Styrling sickler $0