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Rank Name Raised
N/A Vicky Barlow Vicky Barlow $0
N/A Vicky Giancola Vicky Giancola $0
3105th Vicky Papachristos Vicky Papachristos $348
N/A Victor Fairchild Victor Fairchild $0
4136th Victor Laredo-Rodriguez Victor Laredo-Rodriguez $118
N/A Victor Nguyen Victor Nguyen $0
N/A Victor Ryan Victor Ryan $0
N/A Victor Salgado Romero-Nielsen Victor Salgado Romero-Nielsen $0
N/A Victor St. George Victor St. George $0
N/A Victor Timu Victor Timu $0
N/A Victoria Abdilla Victoria Abdilla $0
N/A Victoria Forman Victoria Forman $0
N/A Victoria Khun Victoria Khun $0
N/A Victoria Rodriguez G Victoria Rodriguez G $0
N/A Vijay Tumata Vijay Tumata $0
N/A Vikas Mahto Vikas Mahto $0
N/A Vikas Sharma Vikas Sharma $0
N/A vikki kotrolos vikki kotrolos $0
N/A Vikki Kotrolos Vikki Kotrolos $0
N/A Vikki Marshall Vikki Marshall $0