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Rank Name Raised
2750th Gilbert Quevauvilliers Gilbert Quevauvilliers $370.49
2445th David Bradbury David Bradbury $475.01
712th Shirley Capon Shirley Capon $1,201.11
521st Jason Tracey Jason Tracey $1,404.31
71st Bryce Parker Bryce Parker $3,203.44
389th Tony Ryan Tony Ryan $1,623.26
880th Andrew Corin Andrew Corin $1,071.67
768th anthony mclean anthony mclean $1,147.16
2760th Craig Bampton Craig Bampton $367.23
N/A Nousha Delon Nousha Delon $0
303rd Robert Amos Robert Amos $1,790.99
1037th Shane Edwards Shane Edwards $967.52
236th Robert Miller Robert Miller $2,052.80
1102nd Matthew Gamble Matthew Gamble $916.84
143rd guy pertwee guy pertwee $2,627.63
330th Phillip Rudder Phillip Rudder $1,729.31
N/A Vincent Caballo Vincent Caballo $0
3948th Peter Campbell Peter Campbell $120
1940th Wendy McLean Wendy McLean $588.62
1814th Grayson McKinlay Grayson McKinlay $619.88