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Rank Name Raised
N/A Diane Humphrey Diane Humphrey $0
N/A Dixie Joy Dixie Joy $20
N/A Erica Piggott Erica Piggott $0
N/A Hayden Brougham Hayden Brougham $0
N/A James Maw James Maw $0
339th Jeff Little Jeff Little $219.03
1338th Jo Ongley Jo Ongley $35
N/A Julia Arnold Julia Arnold $0
N/A Karl Heys Karl Heys $0
N/A Kyle Roberts Kyle Roberts $0
N/A Lewis Ives Lewis Ives $0
N/A Michael Taylor Michael Taylor $0
1338th Mick Cullen Mick Cullen $35
N/A Nick Johns Nick Johns $0
268th Paul Cornish Paul Cornish $257
N/A Paul Garbett Paul Garbett $0
N/A Peter Sykes Peter Sykes $0
N/A Peter Williams Peter Williams $0
N/A Phil Norris Phil Norris $0
1338th robyn summers robyn summers $35