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Rank Name Raised
110th Luke Bourchier Luke Bourchier $3,324
501st Rebecca Kenny Rebecca Kenny $1,656
94th Andy Rogger-Amies Andy Rogger-Amies $3,509
292nd Paul Cornish Paul Cornish $2,226
5033rd Gary Leong Gary Leong $35
955th Ronald Milne Ronald Milne $1,158
482nd Ken Frey Ken Frey $1,689
N/A Brett Kennedy Brett Kennedy $0
63rd Graham Purches Graham Purches $4,081
N/A Mike Rider Mike Rider $98
1584th Cody Herdman Cody Herdman $805
1081st Dom Yuen Dom Yuen $1,083
3098th Hendy Le Hendy Le $350
708th Hazel O'Halloran Hazel O'Halloran $1,369
2428th James Gram James Gram $542
1890th Richard Ong Richard Ong $682
1305th Matthew Gamble Matthew Gamble $957
N/A Marcus Dos Santos Marcus Dos Santos $0
604th Grahame Keast Grahame Keast $1,508
N/A Fabien Lepers Fabien Lepers $0