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Rank Name Raised
58th Andy Rogger-Amies Andy Rogger-Amies $3,280.92
59th David Irlam David Irlam $3,266.57
60th John Choroszy John Choroszy $3,239.40
61st Jocelyn Ledger Jocelyn Ledger $3,219.45
62nd Catherine Schultz Catherine Schultz $3,195.54
63rd Trent Love Trent Love $3,189.41
64th Marjo Hallowell Marjo Hallowell $3,188.92
65th Tim English Tim English $3,183.39
66th Tristan McCulloch Tristan McCulloch $3,174.88
67th Riya Roshan Riya Roshan $3,143.77
68th David Johnston David Johnston $3,133.23
69th Bryce Parker Bryce Parker $3,130.99
70th Peter Collins Peter Collins $3,124.27
71st Brett Pascoe Brett Pascoe $3,112.97
72nd John Beshay John Beshay John Beshay John Beshay $3,112.70
N/A Ben Lesslie Ben Lesslie $3,110.84
73rd Bobby Mehta Bobby Mehta $3,100.67
74th Brett Lawson Brett Lawson $3,078.88
75th Yannick Vallet Yannick Vallet $3,077.08
76th Sophie McKay Sophie McKay $3,063.13