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Rank Name Raised
5606th Vanessa Green Vanessa Green $5
N/A Vanessa Martin Vanessa Martin $0
5033rd Vanessa McNeil Vanessa McNeil $35
4733rd Vanessa Warbrook Vanessa Warbrook $52
N/A Vaninder Kaur Rajput Vaninder Kaur Rajput $0
N/A Varpreet singh Puri Varpreet singh Puri $0
N/A Varun Dua Varun Dua $0
N/A Varun Kanwatia Varun Kanwatia $0
N/A Vasyl Swerlowycz Vasyl Swerlowycz $0
N/A Vedran Tanasic Vedran Tanasic $0
N/A Veerpal Kaur Veerpal Kaur $0
3506th Venita Walder Venita Walder $247
N/A Vic Clarke Vic Clarke $0
N/A Vicki Beames Vicki Beames $0
N/A Vicki Benson Vicki Benson $0
N/A Vicki Benson Vicki Benson $0
N/A Vicki Fenech Vicki Fenech $0
N/A Vicki Hunter Vicki Hunter $0
N/A Vicky Barlow Vicky Barlow $0
N/A Vicky Giancola Vicky Giancola $0