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Rank Name Raised
2201st Rion Findlay Rion Findlay $534.31
3500th Michael Taylor Michael Taylor $204.56
1454th Charles Keesman Charles Keesman $765.03
1786th Ross Munroe Ross Munroe $636.86
1997th David Bradbury David Bradbury $583.69
1016th Duane Morrow Duane Morrow $1,004.17
1978th Hayley Flynn Hayley Flynn $589.01
318th Robert Amos Robert Amos $1,790.99
20th alan zamp alan zamp $5,535.35
1744th Lisa Scoon Lisa Scoon $649.82
128th Nathan Brown Nathan Brown $2,756.05
3336th Anthony Osborn Anthony Osborn $238.09
N/A Tony Cotter Tony Cotter $0
688th Harry Barton Harry Barton $1,243.23
489th Jason Tracey Jason Tracey $1,476.76
1345th Adam Jackson Adam Jackson $809.50
1213th Adrian Pfeiffer Adrian Pfeiffer $866.47
794th anthony mclean anthony mclean $1,147.16
N/A Liz Brandtman Liz Brandtman $1,290.77
1270th Lindsay Cooper Lindsay Cooper $841.71