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Rank Name Raised
12th Alain Chadeyras Alain Chadeyras 2years $72
12th Andrew Witts Andrew Witts 3years $72
12th Cong Nguyen Cong Nguyen $72
12th Kate Richardson Kate Richardson 5years $72
N/A Phakwipa Wood Phakwipa Wood $72
16th Julio Valencia Julio Valencia 2years $70
17th Barbara Davenport Barbara Davenport 2years $52
17th Ben Marner Ben Marner $52
N/A Linda Judge Linda Judge 3years $52
30th Mark Knowles Mark Knowles 5years $52
17th Renee Cockburn Renee Cockburn 3years $52
30th Scott Thompson Scott Thompson Scott Thompson Scott Thompson $52
N/A Shazzaj Charters Shazzaj Charters 4years $52
20th Kim Haney Kim Haney $50
30th Brody Hanks Brody Hanks $36
21st James Pruitt James Pruitt $36
21st Reuben Fildes Reuben Fildes 2years $36
21st Wayne Brown Wayne Brown 3years $36
30th Cherie Shiels Cherie Shiels 5years $31
27th Jason DRURY Jason DRURY 5years $31