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Rank Name Raised
N/A Nathan Price Nathan Price $0
N/A Nicole Mannix Nicole Mannix $0
N/A Reinhold Schuessler Reinhold Schuessler $0
N/A Richard Hill Richard Hill $0
N/A Tim Jarman Tim Jarman $0
N/A Vaughan Masters Vaughan Masters $0
N/A Acacia McIntyre Acacia McIntyre $0
N/A Alex Lockyer Alex Lockyer $0
N/A Andrea Woolger Andrea Woolger $0
N/A Franc Vaccher Franc Vaccher $0
N/A James Rogers James Rogers $0
N/A Michael Mclaughlin Michael Mclaughlin $0
N/A Rebekah Stokes Rebekah Stokes $0
13th Reuben Fildes Reuben Fildes $36
N/A Karlene Heathcote Karlene Heathcote $0
N/A Michael Sterling Michael Sterling $0
N/A Allison Hatton Allison Hatton $0
N/A Bradley Bressan Bradley Bressan $0
N/A Cameron mcdonald Cameron mcdonald $0
N/A Chris Salmon Chris Salmon $0