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Rank Name Raised
242nd Andrew Hubbard Andrew Hubbard $2,534.79
162nd John Rayner John Rayner $3,002.77
N/A tony eslefoa tony eslefoa $0
N/A Simon Levers Simon Levers $0
N/A Andrew Harrick Andrew Harrick $0
N/A Ben Stewart Ben Stewart $0
4458th Billy Amourous Billy Amourous $85.29
102nd Brett Pascoe Brett Pascoe $3,399.07
370th Bridget Riggs Bridget Riggs $1,983.43
2327th Dane Lee Dane Lee $562.16
N/A Dave Gilmour Dave Gilmour $0
N/A David Hede David Hede $0
3760th David Jukes David Jukes $191.01
N/A Des Woolfield Des Woolfield $0
N/A Diane Humphrey Diane Humphrey $0
N/A Diane Humphrey Diane Humphrey $0
N/A Dimi Dojcinoski Dimi Dojcinoski $0
N/A Dixie Joy Dixie Joy $341.92
3463rd George Emile George Emile $253.59
226th Hayden Brougham Hayden Brougham $2,599.89