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Rank Name Raised
N/A Manny Silva Manny Silva $0
N/A Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel $0
N/A Marcia Norrish Marcia Norrish $0
N/A Margaret Larkin Margaret Larkin $0
N/A Maria Falco-Davalos Maria Falco-Davalos $0
N/A Maria Schembri Maria Schembri $0
N/A Mariana Pedrazzi Mariana Pedrazzi $0
N/A Mario Jonathan Calip Mario Jonathan Calip $0
N/A Mark Alvaran Mark Alvaran $0
N/A Mark Bailey Mark Bailey $0
N/A Mark Gaballa Mark Gaballa $0
N/A Mark Wingate Mark Wingate $0
N/A Martin Stern Martin Stern $0
N/A Mary Ellen Taylor Mary Ellen Taylor $0
N/A Matt Cockburn Matt Cockburn $0
N/A Matthew Crank Matthew Crank $0
N/A Matthew Crowther Matthew Crowther $0
N/A Matthew Russo Matthew Russo $0
N/A Matthew Squires Matthew Squires $0
N/A Matthew Trede Matthew Trede $0