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Rank Name Raised
216th John Hill John Hill 5years $3,609
217th Justin Duff Justin Duff $3,597
218th Jess Brown Jess Brown 3years $3,595
219th Jamie Miller Jamie Miller 6years $3,594
220th Nathan Saad Nathan Saad $3,593
221st Louise Hyam Louise Hyam $3,593
222nd Rodney French Rodney French 5years $3,592
223rd Karlene Heathcote Karlene Heathcote 4years $3,588
224th Satish Komali Satish Komali 2years $3,573
4096th Kirstin McMillan Leibbrandt Kirstin McMillan Leibbrandt 5years $3,570
225th Gavin Parker Gavin Parker 2years $3,569
226th Narelle Simons Narelle Simons $3,568
227th Marsha Hodges Marsha Hodges 7years $3,566
228th Henry Uen Henry Uen 5years $3,555
229th Simon Edwards Simon Edwards 2years $3,552
230th Dean Murry Dean Murry $3,537
231st Ray Aquilina Ray Aquilina $3,534
232nd Laura Cheah Laura Cheah 6years $3,520
233rd David Eldridge David Eldridge 3years $3,517
234th Mark Carrington Mark Carrington 7years $3,515