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Rank Name Raised
392nd Lindsay Nowoselsky Lindsay Nowoselsky 3years $2,588
393rd Leon Blair Leon Blair $2,585
394th Mark Stumer Mark Stumer 2years $2,580
395th Jamie Kermanidis Jamie Kermanidis $2,576
396th Paul Nield Paul Nield 6years $2,574
397th Esmira Kliko Esmira Kliko $2,574
398th Geordie Armstrong Geordie Armstrong $2,572
399th Aidan Morris Aidan Morris $2,566
400th Julie Catherall Julie Catherall $2,565
401st Stuart McLennan Stuart McLennan 3years $2,563
402nd Marius Scutea Marius Scutea 2years $2,562
403rd Andrew Roughie Stephens Andrew Roughie Stephens 2years $2,559
404th Sumit DSumit Sumit DSumit 2years $2,558
1552nd Graham Dearing Graham Dearing 7years $2,555
405th Paul Pattison Paul Pattison $2,552
406th Craig Holtham Craig Holtham $2,534
407th Susie Nicholls Susie Nicholls 2years $2,533
408th Shaun Keegan Shaun Keegan 3years $2,530
409th Kevin Hosken Kevin Hosken $2,530
410th Andrew Cross Andrew Cross 2years $2,529