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Rank Name Raised
491st Samuel Lawson Samuel Lawson $2,247
492nd Paul Guest Paul Guest 6years $2,241
493rd Candace Samuels Candace Samuels 3years $2,239
494th Cam Dudge Cam Dudge 3years $2,237
495th Tim Stevenson Tim Stevenson 3years $2,235
496th Josephine Graziano Josephine Graziano $2,235
497th Rob Seeley Rob Seeley 6years $2,233
498th Andrea Moody Andrea Moody 3years $2,232
499th Alan Yesberg Alan Yesberg $2,232
500th Alexander O'Shaughnessy Alexander O'Shaughnessy $2,231
501st Ben Turton Ben Turton $2,231
502nd Alex Castro Alex Castro $2,230
503rd Nigel Robilliard Nigel Robilliard $2,228
504th Nam Tran Nam Tran 2years $2,227
505th Damien Bower Damien Bower 6years $2,227
506th Peter Collins Peter Collins 7years $2,220
507th Don Mintern Don Mintern $2,218
508th Gary Cortes Gary Cortes 3years $2,218
509th Jamie Cooke Jamie Cooke $2,217
510th Matty Leonard Matty Leonard $2,215