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Rank Name Raised
571st Jason Mackey Jason Mackey 2years $2,378
572nd Jamie Cooke Jamie Cooke $2,377
573rd David smith David smith 5years $2,375
574th Josh Hunt Josh Hunt 2years $2,372
575th Dan Ploegmakers Dan Ploegmakers $2,360
576th Don Mintern Don Mintern $2,360
577th Nato Foster Nato Foster 2years $2,360
578th Oliver and Greta Oliver and Greta $2,354
579th Jaspreet Maan Jaspreet Maan 2years $2,347
580th Lisa Peters Lisa Peters 3years $2,342
581st Matty Leonard Matty Leonard $2,339
582nd Josephine Graziano Josephine Graziano $2,339
583rd Grant Cameron Grant Cameron 2years $2,337
584th Laura Southwell Laura Southwell 2years $2,337
585th Drew Cook Drew Cook 2years $2,335
586th Jason Prosser Jason Prosser $2,334
587th Anna Rubacha Anna Rubacha 2years $2,331
588th Ryan Woodger Ryan Woodger 2years $2,320
589th Francis Tinei Francis Tinei $2,317
590th Elie Anthony Fares Elie Anthony Fares $2,313