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Rank Name Raised
209th Colin Cooper Colin Cooper 5years $3,376
2694th Matthew Saliba Matthew Saliba 6years $731
3797th Simon Rickeard Simon Rickeard 3years $518
359th Adrian Gifford Adrian Gifford 2years $2,635
35th Leonardo Couto Leonardo Couto 5years $6,706
454th Manoj De Mel Manoj De Mel 5years $2,368
3403rd Gregor Theinschnack Gregor Theinschnack 2years $580
6012th Sophie Sorgo Sophie Sorgo $104
203rd Pete Butcher Pete Butcher 2years $3,400
512th Andrea Moody Andrea Moody 3years $2,232
698th Digby Jones Digby Jones $1,875
5076th Tim Smith Tim Smith 2years $248
1309th Adam Burke Adam Burke $1,257
441st Alex Grigio Alex Grigio $2,395
110th Joseph Hodge Joseph Hodge $4,405
1743rd Lijo Paulose Lijo Paulose $1,038
200th John Spezza John Spezza $3,454
1012th Christopher Marcello Christopher Marcello $1,471
250th David Bradbury David Bradbury 6years $3,131
N/A Jake Reynes Jake Reynes $0