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Rank Name Raised
N/A alex francois alex francois 2years $0
N/A Alex Green Alex Green $0
48th Alex Grigio Alex Grigio $1,981
N/A Alex Haslau Alex Haslau $0
N/A Alex Henderson Alex Henderson $0
N/A Alex Houston Alex Houston $0
N/A Alex Iliadis Alex Iliadis $0
N/A Alex Jacobi Alex Jacobi $0
2986th Alex James Hazlehurst Alex James Hazlehurst $36
N/A Alex Jimenez Alex Jimenez 4years $0
3776th Alex Jones Alex Jones 2years $5
572nd Alex Jugueta Alex Jugueta $552
N/A Alex Kokoftopoulos Alex Kokoftopoulos $0
N/A Alex L Alex L $0
N/A Alex Lackovic Alex Lackovic 2years $0
2265th Alex Leach Alex Leach 3years $77
N/A Alex Lencioni Alex Lencioni 2years $0
449th Alex Lessing Alex Lessing $631
N/A Alex Lincoln Alex Lincoln $0
N/A Alex Lockyer Alex Lockyer 2years $0