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Rank Name Raised
N/A Alice FOSTER Alice FOSTER 2years $0
N/A Alice Harvey Alice Harvey $0
N/A Alice Harvey Alice Harvey $0
N/A Alice Henderson Alice Henderson 3years $0
980th Alice Jacobs Alice Jacobs $321
2984th Alice Lewis Alice Lewis $36
N/A Alice Mcdonald Alice Mcdonald $0
1743rd Alice Morley Alice Morley 3years $124
N/A Alice Walton Alice Walton 2years $0
637th Alicia Black Alicia Black $521
1717th Alicia Bloom Alicia Bloom 6years $129
N/A Alicia Goodes Alicia Goodes 3years $0
N/A Alicia Jerrard Alicia Jerrard $0
N/A Alicia Jubb Alicia Jubb 2years $0
N/A Alicia Kaisuva Alicia Kaisuva $0
N/A Alicia Misios Alicia Misios $0
N/A Alicia Rentsch Alicia Rentsch $0
N/A Alicia Rich Alicia Rich 2years $0
2268th Aliese Andrevska Aliese Andrevska $72
N/A Alis Abawi Alis Abawi $0