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Rank Name Raised
N/A Trevor Au Yeung Trevor Au Yeung 3years $0
N/A Raymond Jarratt Raymond Jarratt 5years $0
6709th Christine Kinlay Christine Kinlay $52
188th Ben OBrien Ben OBrien 2years $3,836
N/A Laurent Gras Laurent Gras 2years $0
386th Luke Middleton Luke Middleton 2years $2,823
6709th Sally McLean Sally McLean $52
4154th Jeff McRae Jeff McRae 5years $517
2065th Glen Scott Glen Scott 2years $1,017
7534th Chris Hopkinson Chris Hopkinson 2years $10
N/A Marco Hong Marco Hong 2years $0
163rd Richard Field Richard Field 3years $4,112
1147th David Boak David Boak $1,508
5176th Tim Smith Tim Smith 2years $269
7382nd Maurice Herrmann Maurice Herrmann 3years $21
5960th Tim Anderson Tim Anderson 2years $124
2444th Robert van Oss Robert van Oss 2years $874
6986th Ryland Mollard Ryland Mollard 2years $36
1624th Michael Coleman Michael Coleman $1,195
1779th Christian Warren Christian Warren 2years $26