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Rank Name Raised
N/A Will Geysing Will Geysing 2years $0
N/A Will Griffin Will Griffin $0
N/A Will Jones Will Jones $0
N/A Will M. McDonald Will M. McDonald $0
N/A Will McNeill Will McNeill $0
N/A Will Moloney Will Moloney $0
N/A Will Somvongsa Will Somvongsa 3years $0
N/A Will Spore Will Spore $0
N/A Will Taylor Will Taylor $0
N/A Will Young Will Young $0
N/A Will Zanker Will Zanker $0
N/A Willa Johnson Willa Johnson $0
N/A willa johnson willa johnson $0
N/A Willemijn Passtoors Willemijn Passtoors 3years $0
N/A William Birdsall William Birdsall 7years $0
N/A William Bult William Bult $0
6382nd William Cooper William Cooper $84
N/A William Cooper William Cooper $0
N/A William Craig William Craig 2years $0
N/A William Dickson William Dickson $0