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Rank Name Raised
N/A Kate Mooring Kate Mooring 5years $0
694th Kay Wright Kay Wright $57
579th Ken Holt Ken Holt 3years $72
342nd Kim Wright Kim Wright 3years $124
N/A Lachlan McGowan Lachlan McGowan 4years $0
N/A Lameh Mourad Lameh Mourad 3years $0
579th Leigh John Carmody Leigh John Carmody 5years $72
N/A Lesa Ashford Lesa Ashford 5years $0
N/A Lina Conti Lina Conti 5years $0
705th Lindley Hill Lindley Hill 3years $52
1079th Lisa Peters Lisa Peters 4years $35
N/A Liz Adams Liz Adams $0
846th Liz Lindsay Liz Lindsay 5years $36
N/A Louise Hyam Louise Hyam 2years $0
N/A Luke Busbridge Luke Busbridge 3years $0
N/A Luke Randall Luke Randall 3years $0
N/A Luke Smith Luke Smith 3years $0
N/A Man Shing Leung Man Shing Leung $0
N/A Mark Carrington Mark Carrington 7years $0
N/A Mark Jansen Mark Jansen 4years $0