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Rank Name Raised
748th Andrew Mcintyre Andrew Mcintyre $61.75
749th Roland Hall Roland Hall $61.40
750th Peter Richards Peter Richards $61.23
751st Simone Carvalho Simone Carvalho $61.05
752nd Ken Gemell Ken Gemell $60.35
753rd Mason Clay Mason Clay $58.92
754th Jack Bourne Jack Bourne $57.83
755th Martina Matta Martina Matta $57.49
756th Bruno Quirin Bruno Quirin $56.93
756th Noah mccubbin Noah mccubbin $56.93
756th Peter Haak Peter Haak $56.93
756th shane McKenner shane McKenner $56.93
756th Van Edsel Dominisac Van Edsel Dominisac $56.93
761st Caitlin Albert Caitlin Albert $56.93
761st Dylan Lyons Dylan Lyons $56.93
761st Leah Schilling Leah Schilling $56.93
764th Nathan Brown Nathan Brown $56.75
765th Chloe Gleeson Chloe Gleeson $56.23
766th Adhika Yudha Adhika Yudha $55.70
766th Ben Dyer Ben Dyer $55.70